Dare To Care For Children

The Children of Today are our Future of Tomorrow

By Mike Leggett

  We have the REAL Santa in our midst! HE may reside at the North Pole part of the year, but he spends most of his time in Leland. I have seen Santa-he's short, a little red nose, gets a little grumpy from time to time, and he drives a red truck to! Let me warn you DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT speak badly about children. If he (Santa) doesn't nail you, Mrs. Clause (Deb) will. Keep an eye on the elf to; she'll knee-cap you!.
  For over ten year's "Skip" (that's the name he uses down here) of Skip's Tire has been the secret Santa for many children and their families. He formed the DARE TO CARE FOR CHILDREN FOUNDATION to provide help for the children in and around our area. The DARE TO CARE FOR CHILDREN FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization that deals with children whose medical needs are not covered by insurance.
  This Thanksgiving week. I was honored to witness the foundation handing out Thanksgiving turkeys and the
trimmings to ten families less fortunate than many of us. I watched many of the people cry as they picked up their gifts from Santa (Skip). Dang, said his name again! Sorry Santa!
  I have also observed and reported bout the founder and his elf delivering toys to children in the local hospitals who are stricken with cancer and other debilitating diseases. A VERY SPECIAL THANKS goes out to the many donors, who at this time will go unnamed. But know this: your much appreciated gifts will long be remembered! Third season for giving, and if you feel that you want to give to a child PLEASE give to the DARE TO CARE FOR CHILDREN FOUNDATION. All donations are tax deductible. your gift will brighten the Christmas for needy children and their parents.
  The DARE TO CARE FOR CHILDREN FOUNDATION depends on donations. 100% of the money goes toward providing much needed medical assistance, equipment and  supplies for the children an well as helping their parents with related expenses.