Dare to Care for Children
      The Children of Today are  our Future of Tomorrow
Thank You Santa

Hi Skip!
I hope you and your family had wonderful holidays. We had a wonderful holiday season thanks to you. Khareem was so surprised when he got Guitar Hero for Christmas! Not only did you make our Thanksgiving and Christmas wonderful with the things you gave us, you restored my faith in mankind. Few people have shown my son and myself such kindness. You are a wonderful person. I could hardly believe that someone who was a total stranger would do anything for another stranger, let alone the huge amount of compassion you showed us, I just never believed I would meet one. That is why GOD pulled you through your surgery. We need you down here, a real live angel. I can't thank you enough completely express my gratitude to you. Our world is so much richer with you in it. God bless you always. I'm attaching a letter and picture from Khrareem. Tell your wife to give you a BIG FAT HUG from us. God Bless!

Deatrice Wilson
Dear Mr. Skip

I'm writing this letter to thank you for the money and food you gave us. Because of the money, I was able to get Guitar Hero World Tour from my mom. My sister painted me some pictures of Sonic, Tail, Shadow and Amy from the Sonic the Hedgehog game, and my nephew got so many presents he didn't know what to do. My brother gave me a charger for my Box 360 and a magazine subscription. My mom and I are so grateful for what you did for us. We really think it's nice what you do for people who need extra push during the holidays and during these times, especially. It's also good to know that someone has your back during these times. as I stated we're so grateful and we hope you and your family had a good and wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Khareem Wilson