Dare to Care for Children
The Children of Today are our Future of Tomorrow
          Local Businesses and Individuals Help make Thanksgiving Bountiful for Sick Children and their Families

By: Mike Leggett (Local News Review)
Skip Wittkofsky, Dan Teachey of Piggly Wiggly, Sherry & Evelyn Lewis
Again this year, the Dare to Care for Children Foundation ha stepped up to make sure 21 families from around the region had a nice Thanksgiving dinner. They are families with children who have chronic or life threatening illnesses, and little or no health insurance.
Thanks to the generosity of businesses and individuals like Harris-Teeter, Piggly Wiggly, AllMetal Roofing, Skip's Tire, Shane & Sheila Irving, Dollar General employee's, Jamie Staples, and Dollar General in Southport.
  Skip's and Shane Irving's legend cars on display at the Pig.
The Dare to Care for Children Foundation held a guitar raffle in conjunction with a recent charity concert. The guitar was signed by the bands and comedians that took part in the benefit.

Pictured L-R: Skip Wittkofsky, Paula Martino (winner) Sherry Lewis.